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Welcome to Grace International Multidisciplinary, where we specialize in providing expert business management consultancy services to Governments, Public institutions, Academia, NGO's, and private entrepreneurs. Let us work with you to achieve your goals and drive success in your organizations.


Strategic Business Solutions

Action Planning

Our team excels in devising comprehensive action strategies tailored to your company's unique needs and goals.

Operations Optimization

We streamline operations for efficiency, ensuring seamless processes that maximize productivity and minimize waste of time and ressources.

Ideas Analysis

We conduct in-depth ideas research to provide insights that drive informed decision-making and strategic sustainable business growth.

Natural Health Campagne

We propose natural health solutions to

dddress the root cause of specific health challenges naturally. African Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of medicine that skillfully combines natural therapeutic traditions with modern science to restore and optimize health.

Hospitality & Tourism

We deliver top-level vocational training as in Switzerlandat a fraction of the cost, this is our education offshoring approach which guides our investments activities in Africa

Projects in Africa

We are involved in managing and supporting innovative projects that aim to promote sustainable development and contribute to social and economic growth.


Transforming Businesses with Expert Guidance

Our consulting firm, based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has deep roots in various disciplines, including Leadership and Executive, Internal and Organizational, Positive Psychology, Natural Health and Wellness, Financial and Life Coaching.

Starting from a small team based in Switzerland, France and Norway, we have steadily grown into a reputable consultancy known for delivering tangible results.

Through years of dedication and expertise, we have earned a strong standing as a go-to firm for businesses seeking transformative solutions.

Combining our knowledge in multiple areas, we have helped numerous clients achieve success and growth. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continue making a positive impact in the business world.


Our Business Solutions

Expert Advice

Our consultants provide expert guidance to improve your business strategies and operations for long-term success.

Tailored Approaches

We create personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring effective implementation and tangible results.

Proven Results

Benefit from our track record of delivering measurable outcomes and driving growth for businesses of all sizes.


Innovative Strategies for Success

At our business management consultancy, we pride ourselves on our innovative strategies that set us apart from the competition. Our team works tirelessly to develop unique approaches tailored to your specific needs.

We believe that thinking outside the box is crucial in today's fast-paced business world. Let us show you how our innovative strategies can help your business thrive and succeed in a constantly evolving market.

Our approach to project management is based on collaboration and inclusivity, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation.


Meet Our Swiss Expert Team

Dr Alpha Grace - Sierra Leone

Alpha Grace, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

We analyze data to provide actionable insights and optimize operations efficiently.

Grace Multidisciplinary Africa

David Johannes

Strategy Consultant

We create financial strategies to enhance profitability and ensure sustainable growth.

Grace Multidisciplinary Africa

Michaella Wurth

Operations Manager

We streamline processes to improve productivity and achieve business objectives.


Pathway to Powerful

& Lasting Transformative Change

Our Mission


We are focused on leading the way with sustainable innovations and applicable solutions at all levels. We provide transparency.

Our Vision

For to undertake is an act of freedom, to create and provoke the conditions of life that one wishes to live: to choose one’s work, one’s lifestyle, one’s relationships… etc. This freedom implies a new mindset to question what we want to obtain and what we want to become as a person.

Our Values

Support & Training

Building our  services around your exact needs, we can deliver expert support and training to ensure accuracy and efficiency  on every project.

Unique and Authentic

An extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in all areas of a person’s life.


Coaching is a powerful process uniquely designed to create lasting change. Coaching is also a profession, and one that offers highly qualified experts the opportunity to experience career fulfillment as well as financial security.

Because of the extraordinary benefits of the coaching relationship to both client and coach, it’s no wonder that the demand has never been greater for great coaches.


It is Not Consulting. It is Not Counseling.

Coaching offers a distinct advantage over business consulting. Business consultants typically use their specific knowledge and prescribe a course of action to achieve an objective. They TELL the client what needs to be done and they may even do the work that is required.


While consulting is about the consultant delivering the right answers, coaching is about asking the right questions while empowering clients to create their own customized and personal solutions and become the drivers of their own success.

Through improved communication, focus and accountability, coaching dramatically increases clients’ capacity to accomplish better results on their own.

Coaching does not deliver a single solution – it permanently increases the client’s own ability to repeatedly develop solutions.


Coaching is not counseling. Counseling aims to heal mental and psychological issues and often examines PAST events. It usually centers on diagnosing a ‘problem’ that needs to be addressed. Coaching involves no such diagnosis and in fact, coaches only see opportunities, not problems.

Coaches shift the focus from “why” to “how.” Coaching is very results oriented, maintaining a focus on the current situation and actively developing plans for the FUTURE. Counseling focuses on helping people to live functional lives. Coaching focuses on helping functional people live extraordinary lives.


And Now, the Difference Between Coaching and Great Coaching!


The GIM Advantage… Combining the Best of Many Fields to Produce Outstanding Results

Now you understand that coaching is not consulting, and it is not counseling. But there is even a difference between coaching methods – and in the results they deliver!


All coaching works to some extent, but GIM’S proprietary Core Energy Process takes coaching to a whole new level. The difference between great coaching and average coaching (much less poor-quality coaching) is similar to the difference between a concert violinist and someone who’s just beginning to play.

Both play the same instrument – but the quality of the music is noticeable to anyone. GIM coaches are master coaches – and the difference can be found in the results that their clients achieve.


In fact, one reason that the GIM Core Energy Process is so effective is that it draws upon what works well in consulting and counseling and other helping modalities, and combines them into a process that’s incredibly effective and transformational.


Holistic. Consulting is great at giving clients answers to specific challenges in only ONE aspect of a client’s life. GIM coaches recognize that everything is connected, and that making a change in one area without considering the effect of that change in other aspects of life doesn’t give the best chances for success. The Core Energy Coaching process explores the intricate and always changing HOLISTIC perspective of every client’s life.


Future-Focused. Counseling and therapy work on healing past issues. The past cannot be ignored – after all, what happened in the past makes clients who they are today.

GIM’S Core Energy Coaching Process helps clients “visit” the past in order to identify and remove barriers to taking positive action, something that many individuals accomplish only after years of therapy. GIM coaches make clients aware of how the past shapes the present – and helps them to move to the future they desire.

What you may have already realized from your career and life experience is that some people are nearly always successful in what they do, while others seem to struggle along constantly – despite both sets of people having similar backgrounds, experiences, skill sets and resources.

Transformative Change

As you begin to study success and what creates results, you learn that the difference between these two groups of people is basically the ability to identify what areas they need to strengthen, change or transform – and then to make it happen. This ability is dependent on 5 factors.

Contact us to have more information on the GIM'S Core Energy Transformative Change Program!


Recognitions & Certifications

International Awards ; Dr Alpha Grace

Our business consultants have achieved various industry accolades and accreditations through rigorous assessments and continuous professional development.

Consultants for Africa

Certified Management Consultant

August 2000

Achieved CMC status to demonstrate expertise and commitment to excellence.

Business Africa

Best Business Consultant Award

June 2022

Recognized for exceptional consultancy services and client satisfaction.

Leaders Africa

Outstanding Leadership Award

November 2021

Acknowledged for leading impactful projects with innovative strategies.


Client Testimonials for Grace International Multidisciplinary

Richard Smith

Global Solutions Inc.

We had exceptional results partnering with Grace International Multidisciplinary for strategic business planning. Highly recommend their services.

Emily Johnson

InnovateTech Enterprises

Grace International Multidisciplinary's consultancy improved our project management efficiency significantly. Their expertise brought valuable insights to our team.

David Lee

Visionary Industries Ltd.

Working with Grace International Multidisciplinary has been a game-changer for our organization. Their tailored solutions exceeded our expectations.


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